Check the migration status for GST

Jun 6, 2017

In case you want to check the status of your enrolment on the new GST regime, just click the below link and enter your PAN/Service Tax Number or provisional id. Once the migration is successful you would receive an intimation mail within 15 days on the status of the migration, incase you have missed the mail, please visit the below link to verify the status of your application.

The page will return you the migration status, if the status is not 'Migrated' you may want to login to, and correct the application form.

Check the status of your GST enrollments / migration

The End of DTH

Jun 5, 2017

DTH will be one of the industry vertical which is going to go extinct in this decade. It was a revolutionary concept, which took information (media, television) to billions of households, especially in remote areas, where access to cable was not there or was costly. But like any idea, this one too will meet its end.

The technology will still be in use, where one way communication is enough or essential. It could be used to transfer one way channel to IOT, unmanned stations, drones, ships etc. In essence the technology will disappear from main stream.

There are a lot of companies in this area, which are not doing enough innovation to move on. The shift and fall of this industry will be sudden. There is a probability for these companies to price the product very cheap, so people might consume the service, since the pricing is too low. Another idea will be to stream, one way tweets or facebook activity streams to the consumers, and the DTH will filter the messages according the users profiles / friends list. Another area where DTH could take hold is, direct release to home. Where movies are release on DTH services, but Theatre and Movie industry is going to oppose this area.

The disruptive technology that is going to replace DTH is already here, its 4G, 5G and upcoming nG. What these mobile technologies offer is a smooth two way channel and high bandwidth. That allows for lots of On-Demand services. Consumers are also becoming busier and busier, allowing the media consumption to be made when they are travelling, and allowing the data to be consumed at a time suitable to them.

It is strange that many companies which provide DTH also provide the data services, so they are already on the vertical that would disrupt the DTH service, but they have been lethargic till now to make the move. Companies like Tata, Airtel, Videocon et all. I believe it would be same in other geographical areas too. 

This is going to alter the way in which media is going to be consumed, say if we take movies, there might be different versions or edits of the same movie, that caters to different types of consumers. Also the 2 way consumption model, is going to give us exact data on who is consuming what. There will be less fudging of TRP data, which would accelerate the demise of many channels, since investors will have first hand legitimate knowledge on the data being consumed.

Dashboard Update 7.0

Jan 10, 2017

Drona Systems backend dashboard has been updated. Most of your requests made in the last quarter have been addressed in this release.

The backend now provides storage, cpu levels, network usage on the main dashboard. The content editing screens design concepts remain the same, with bug fixes.

The design of the activity timeline has been changed to match the dashboard design changes.

Number of Users, contents, domains will change depending on your user login credentials, it notes the users in the current domain that you have logged in to. For security reasons we have deferred the feature of allowing users to monitor or change/manage domains from a single login. User will still have to login to the domain that they wish to manage using separate logins, under that domain id.

White label logo's are provided to customers on need by need basis.

Please mail in your feedback to us.

Augmented Reality - real time mask application

Feb 12, 2015

We had pioneered in real time face detection and mask application using inbuilt camera face detection and OpenCV, our api has been used by other leading applications and other services.

SInce open V face detection was lagging in real time application we had to use Android's inbuilt api.

View the Android APP on Playstore

Everyday object as a controller

Oct 30, 2014

Use everyday object as a controller. This is the demo of our library, library will be fine tuned and customised for your requirements. 

Below video was made by a user.

Extension of this library are being used for counting objects, defect identification, movement identifaction.

Colorify - Augmented real time color changer

Jul 18, 2014

One of our weekend projects, use the app and see live camera feed on the screen, touch any object or color that you want to change. You will see a color picker, pick the new color, and see it live as the color is replaced, our api's are now used by many leading applications on the android store.

Kinect Game using Android Camera

Jul 11, 2014

Another of my weekend projects to keep the kids busy. This uses openCV and android, uses the front facing camera to detect motion and objects, the game items are augmented realtime on the screen. The phone can be attached to a bigger TV using chrome cast or HDMI.

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